How to prevent car break-ins from happening to you

Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 7:53 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - In Shelby County, deputies said one of their most common property crimes happen to be one of their most preventable property crimes and it’s car thefts.

On Tuesday, Amy had her car window smashed and a theft attempt was made in the Brook Highland shopping center parking lot.

“It’s really important that we don’t leave anything out, because I didn’t think it could happen to me and obviously it did,” Amy said.

Amy said the crime was not the first for this area. She said many incidents have occurred where vehicles’ windows were smashed, and items taken from cars.

“I have called several of the stores in the area and gone to speak with several stores in that shopping center,” Amy said. “No one has security cameras that point to that direction, which is why these criminals keep going on successfully and they are not being stopped.”

Major Clay Hammac with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said In Shelby County from Jan. 1st through Sept. 30th, 43 vehicle thefts and 90 UBEVS reported.

“Anytime that we encounter a local businesses owner who has security footage, and they are willing and able to share that with us, that’s a benefit to our community at large,” Hammac said.

The Sheriff’s Office has a license plate reader that captures multiple camera feeds and alerts law enforcement of vehicle descriptions or tag numbers.

Hammac said 98 percent of those crimes occur due to unlocked vehicles.

Just remember to lock it, hide it and keep it to help prevent car thefts.

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