Broken water line getting fixed In Boligee

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 5:59 PM CDT
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BOLIGEE, Ala. (WBRC) - Just two days after the town of Eutaw took ownership of Boligee’s water system, a broken line occurred in one of the underground water mains. The faulty line is off County Road 76 in Boligee.

Eutaw leaders said 15 customers were impacted and the issue was an 8-inch crack in a line running under a tree.

The discovery of the broken line comes just two days after Boligee agreed to turn over its water system Eutaw because the Town of Boligee didn’t have the means or manpower to keep up with maintenance. Eutaw Water and Wastewater specialist Corey Martin says the the pipe is being fixed and the water should be flowing by now to those 15 customers.

“It’s officially our water system. We’re hitting the ground running trying to find some of these issues. They’re hard to find because you can’t a water leak under a tree. But the water was way too clear and in between two valves so the pressure is different so we were definitely able to find it, isolate it and get it fixed,” said Eutaw Water and Wastewater specialist Corey Martin.

With the new ownership Eutaw can now apply for a grant worth around $15 million, money that will be used to help maintain the system and make repairs for both water systems in Boligee and Eutaw.


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