Blount County adding new jail tracking system to improve inmate and correctional officer safety

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 10:07 PM CDT
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BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Blount County is increasing security at the county jail. It’s to help keep inmates and officers extra safe.

Blount County’s inmate registry list is constantly updating with inmates from all over the state booking in and out. Now, Sheriff Mark Moon said they have new technology to make sure everyone in the jail stays safe.

“We want to protect them the very best we can,” Sheriff Mark Moon. “A lot of people around the world would just discount an inmate in a jail, but they are human beings and our job is to protect them and provide them their daily needs.”

Sheriff Moon said it tracks inmates and correctional officers working and he said the system will make everything in the jail more efficient.

“It’s everything jail related, not just tracking inmates,” Moon said. “Booking them in and booking them out.”

He said it will help officers and administration keep track of all the health needs of the inmates.

“Whether they are on medical holds, whether they are on suicidal holds, or mental health, or they have enemies in the jail, any of the things that relates to a specific inmate,” Moon said.

Moon said not only is the tracking system more efficient and secure, it will also help hold officers accountable when they interact with inmates.

“It will put a barcode on every inmate and a barcode on every door. If there is someone who is on suicide watch, then our corrections officers will have a pad, like an iPad or electronic device, and it has a scanner. They will have to go to that jail cell, scan the door, and scan the inmates barcode on their band, so that they can prove that they did their checks.”

The jail also has technology that allows inmates to video call their loved ones instead of just over the phone. Sheriff Moon said this also helps keep contraband out of the jail.


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