Shelby County needs poll workers

Poll workers needed
Published: Sep. 6, 2022 at 6:31 PM CDT
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SHELBY Co., Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama has almost 2,000 locations where people cast ballots on election day.

The state is asking you to play a critical part in making sure those votes get counted.

To ensure a safe, secure and fair election on November 8, the planning starts now for Secretary John Merrill.

Poll workers can expect to earn an average of $100 depending on what job they’re assigned.

With Shelby County having 43 precincts, county leaders said more poll workers are needed.

If you’re considering in becoming a poll worker, you’ll have to go through a training course and be prepared for a long day since depending on your assignment.

You may need to be there before the polls open and stay until all the votes are counted.

“It’s very important to know that this is an integral part of election administration,” Merrill said. “People need to understand without poll workers that have been properly trained, understand their task and understand what their responsibilities are it’s difficult to have the administration of the election the way that we would all desire it to be.”

For those interested in serving, the poll worker application must be returned to your county probate judge for consideration.

The requirements to become a poll worker are you, must be a registered voter in the State of Alabama.

You must be registered to vote in the county in which you desire to be a poll worker. You must attend a mandatory poll worker training session.

You cannot be a member of a candidate’s immediate family or the second degree of kinship and cannot be a member of a candidate’s political committee.

In addition, high school or college students aged 16 or older can apply to become student poll worker interns.

More information on the Student Intern Program can be found here.

The student poll worker application must also be returned to the county Probate Judge for consideration. For more information you can contact the Secretary of State’s Elections Division at (334) 242-7210.

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