3 women suing Talladega College, alleging workplace mistreatment

Published: Aug. 26, 2022 at 10:47 PM CDT
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TALLADEGA, Ala. (WBRC) - Three women are suing a local college saying they were sexually harassed and mistreated while working there. They also claim they’re owed thousands of dollars in unpaid overtime.

The employees filed the federal lawsuit on Thursday and are represented by Artur Davis (HKM Employment Attorneys) and Arnold Lizana (Law Offices of Arnold J Lizana III).

In a press release, it is stated “the lawsuit reveals a disturbing account complete with alcohol-fueled parties, unwanted sexual advances and a culture of silence where the three women, employed as housekeepers, lived in fear for their jobs and their safety while supervisors turned a blind eye or retaliated against anyone who complained.”

One of the more upsetting allegations in the lawsuit describes a state work release inmate groping and verbally abusing the women.

The lawsuit alleges three housekeepers at Talladega College not only were harassed by the inmate, they were not paid for hundreds of overtime hours.

Davis and Lizana say the women were regularly placed in inappropriate settings outside of their work description.

“They also complained about jobs they were made to do that were outside the scope of their roles like being made to put themselves on display at campus parties and being invited down to the basement of the college president and being told, ‘What happens in the basement stays in the basement,’” said Davis. “That’s not acceptable treatment of individuals.”

“You’re supposed to bring your concerns to your supervisor,” said Lizana. “They did that. If your supervisor doesn’t listen to you, bring it to the next level of supervision. They did that. Then they’re left with very few options at that point when the institution ignores them.”

WBRC reached out to Talladega College about the lawsuit. Their statement: “We are aware of this lawsuit and our counsel is addressing the lawsuit on behalf of the College.”

We also reached out to the Alabama Department of Corrections for a statement, but haven’t received a response as of Friday night.


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