TWG visitor says Birmingham is lucky to have City Walk

Published: Jul. 18, 2022 at 6:04 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - While most reminders of The World Games presence are gone or soon to be down, one project finished in time for the games will stay — City Walk.

It started as a project to make this area under the new interstate bridges more user-friendly, and contractors pushed to have it done in time for The World Games.

Everyone we’ve spoken to is excited City Walk is open and that it’s not going away.

The World Games brought Kelsy Mills to Birmingham from Minnesota, and roller skating is her passion.

So, when she learned one of her favorite skaters would be competing, she didn’t hesitate to book her flight.

“Specifically, I was here to see Rebecca Tarlazzi, and she’s an Italian and she got first so, yeah, I’m pretty happy about that,” Mills said.

She fell in love with roller skating at just 5 years old, but didn’t really get into it until about 10 years ago.

“And it helped me get through my 20s. It kept me alive, so I love it,” Mills said.

Which is why she was thrilled to see the Magic City has a skatepark.

She said Birmingham residents are lucky to have the space.

“I cried when I saw it the first time, cause I’m like, ‘Oh, are you serious?! This is perfect!’ It’s beautifully smooth, there’s enough space to do free skate, work on your jumps and your spins, but just having a specific area for free skating is just… like I said, I rolled up to it and I was just tearing up because I don’t have this,” Mills explained.

“Oh, I definitely love the pump track. The pump track is super fun,” said skateboarder, Austin Todd.

He got a break from work Monday, so he and friends decided to dust off their board for some sidewalk surfing.

He said it’s about time Birmingham carved out space for its skateboarders.

“There’s a park session over there, bowls for skaters and stuff like that. No one’s going to judge you. No one’s out here saying, ‘You suck, you suck.’ So, I mean… there’s plenty for anybody to enjoy,” Todd explained.

Todd said he’s especially grateful the park is underneath the bridge, so even on a rainy day, he can still enjoy his favorite hobby.


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