Security video shows suspect Austin Hall stealing a delivery driver’s car before Bibb County shootout

Video appears to show car stolen by Austin Hall
Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 9:10 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 2, 2022 at 10:51 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Security video shows Austin Hall, the man accused of killing Bibb County Deputy Brad Johnson, stealing a delivery driver’s car right before the June 29 chase and shootout.

“When I walked out there I thought, ‘oh my goodness, my car is gone’,” Papa John’s delivery Driver Miranda Davis said.

In the middle of her shift on June 29, Miranda Davis was inside loading up on her next pizza deliveries, leaving her car outside for just a few moments.

“Her car was parked just right outside the store,” Davis’ mother Natalie Rouse said. “She ran in to get her next delivery when, according to surveillance video we see now, the gentleman Austin Hall, walked passed and saw her car and just took off in it.”

You can see it in the video above, Hall walks up and paces around on the sidewalk for a few moments before quickly approaching the car and taking off.

“It was an opportunity that he just saw and took,” Rouse said. “I’m not sure he was looking to steal a car right in that moment.”

But, the family didn’t know the stolen car was involved in the Bibb County Shootout in Brierfield until later that night.

“We did get a call back from Calera Police, letting us know that it was in fact our car and the damage was pretty extensive,” Rouse said. “It was involved in a crash during the chase and then some bullet holes potentially throughout and glass broken.”

Davis said her heart is with Deputy Johnson and Deputy Poole and she wishes life wasn’t lost over the car. Her family said they are thankful Davis wasn’t in the car when Hall walked up.

“With this guys extensive criminal history, he was going to do something that day,” Davis’ father Alan Rouse said. “I guess it didn’t matter what it was. I’m just glad that she wasn’t there when he tried to take the car and there wasn’t confrontation, because I just hate to think what might have happened.”

“Given that he was armed, I’m very grateful that he didn’t come into the business,” Davis said. “I couldn’t have been five to ten feet away from the door that my car was parked outside of.”

“I feel absolutely awful for the families of the officers and the officers as well themselves,” Davis said. “It’s an absolute tragedy and I feel horrible for what happened.”

Davis said the damage is extensive and the car will be totaled out, but she is working to get a settlement claim with her insurance. Right now, she is working inside positions at work until she has another vehicle.


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