Communities react, respond to Supreme Court’s Roe V Wade ruling

Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 6:35 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some people said the ruling from the Supreme Court on abortion is a victory while others believe it’s a tragedy. This difference in opinions on the overturning of Roe V Wade is coming from leaders, churches, and organizations across the state.

The Catholic Diocese of Birmingham says this is something they’ve fought for almost 50 years, through several pro-life initiatives.

“Life begins at conception, “says Father Kevin Bazzel. “That from the moment of conception every life begins. It’s an individual unique life that continues to develop from that moment even past birth. We want to make sure that in our state we continue to have protections.”

Father Bazzel says this is only the first step when it comes to abortion laws, but he expects it to save lives in the future.

“They’ll be I would say a pause in many areas of abortions taking place,” adds Fr. Bazzel “And the number is hard to estimate but I would imagine millions.”

While abortion opponents believe this will save lives, pro-choice advocates worry it could cause great harm.

“We’re probably seeing an uptick in child abuse. We’re probably going to see an uptick in women bleeding out from trying to do an abortion themselves,” says Karan Vance, with the Alabama Rally Against Injustice. “We’re going to see probably an uptick in suicide whether that’s the parents that are having to have the kids or whether that’s the kids having to suffer with parents who honestly have no business being a parent.”

Vance believes this decision is one-sided and unfair to women and unborn babies.

“It’s like a never-ending cycle. So, the same people that say have the baby. If you open your legs, you now must suffer the consequences,” says Vance. “What about the child? We don’t care about the child when the child is here. But we want to advocate for the child that is in the womb.”

The Alabama Rally Against Injustice plans to host rallies Sunday, June 26th in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery. To learn more visit here,

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