World Games Security changes will soon be seen on the roads

Keeping you safe during the World Games
Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 10:01 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We are now just days away from the beginning of the World Games, and over the next two weeks a number of security measures will begin to go in effect.

The shift will be noticed first on the road ways. For example, the Red Mountain Expressway project will be shut down until the end of the games and some roads won’t allow trucks hauling hazardous material to pass.

“Even on our roads and interstates, there will be some notices on transporting hazardous materials, perhaps even rerouting some of those in the secure perimeter area around the downtown,” said World Games CEO Nick Sellers.

ALDOT is now posting signage and contacting trucking associations to alert truckers that if they are hauling hazardous materials, they will not be able to use portions of I-59 and 1-20 during the World Game.

“It will be up to that trucking association or that company and that is one of the reasons that message is getting out early. As you are getting the message out now. So that those involved with that industry can make their plans,” said ALDOT Assistant Region Engineer Steve Walker.

This will help ensure the community members enjoying uptown and the city walk at safe. The city is also stepping up and working to limit the amount of equipment and material traveling into the community.

“The city of Birmingham presented the Birmingham city council and they approved a measure that would allow the city to put a temporary suspension on construction, primarily in the secure perimeters in the city of Birmingham,” said Birmingham Communications Director Rick Journey.

These changes will impact all areas designated as secure area perimeters. For a look at what those areas are you can click here. Some closures will begin as early as late June.


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