‘He has a good sense of humor’: Jonathan Hardison’s boys celebrate their dad

Published: Jun. 18, 2022 at 7:11 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This weekend is a time to celebrate fathers, including the ones who work at WBRC FOX6 News.

To learn what makes WBRC FOX6 Anchor Jonathan Hardison a special dad, we asked his three sons: Sam, Will and Jack.

“You can go first,” said the youngest Jack to his oldest brother, Sam.

We met at a ball park, a place where the Hardisons spend a lot of their free time and asked each boy to bring one item that made them think of their dad.

“I brought this item,” said Sam, holding a football, “Because I remember we went, my mom and dad surprised us, on going to a surprise trip to New Orleans for the Saints game. It was my first NFL game, and it changed my life.”

For Will, it was a lesson from a galaxy, far, far away that’s made a lasting impact.

“I remember him, I answered one of the questions wrong that they asked me. I got the name a little bit wrong, and I felt sad and my dad like helped me, encouraged myself and said, ‘It’s OK, everybody messes up,’ and yeah, that’s why I [brought] it,” said Will, holding a custom-made Lightsaber.

Jack grabbed his baseball glove, “Because whenever I come up to hit, or I’m playing a position, my dad makes me feel good.”

Our conversation got off course a few times, with intermissions of singing and a brotherly argument over who takes best care of their dog, Tuck.

“Guys, this is supposed to be about honoring our dad for Father’s Day, this is not supposed to be an argument show,” said Will, trying to get his brothers back in-line.

Sam agrees, “This is not about Tuck, this is about Dad.”

What about their dad do these boys want us to know?

“He is a lot, lot less, a lot, lot, lot less serious than he is, than he may appear to be on the show, I’ll say that,” said Sam.

“Yup, that’s true,” adds Jack.

“He also has a good sense of humor,” said Will.

On Father’s Day, they want their dad to know: “We all love him, we all adore him, and we all love when he supports us,” said Sam.

One final thought from the Hardison boys, who managed to keep this story a secret from their dad.

“We were kind of discussing this on the way,” Will begins. “Will he cry, B. be mad, or C. all of the above?”

“What was the winning vote?” we asked.

Sam answers, “I definitely think it will be A.”

Will goes with C.

Jack agrees. “I’m sticking with Will.”

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