Wenonah students suspended after guns were found on the school’s campus

Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 9:15 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’re learning new information about two Wenonah High School students suspended when security found two guns on campus.

It happened Wednesday as school was in session for summer learning.

The school district said their security team was alert and committed to students’ safety.

The first gun was found on a student as they were coming to class.

The second one was found when security did a sweep of the campus.

“Coming in Wenonah High School is like going to the airport: same security measures…I mean…you can’t just get through.”

Wenonah High School Principal Dr. Willie Goldsmith said the school has certain protocols it follows every day to ensure the school, and its campus, stay safe.

He believes those safety measures are what kept a tragedy from happening Wednesday.

“One student was identified at the door with our metal detectors and our security team as having a weapon. We followed procedures and protocols and took care of that,” Dr. Goldsmith explained.

He said the discovery of that gun prompted a security sweep of the campus.

That’s when a second gun was found.

He’s thankful neither gun made it into the school, but said it’s no coincidence the weapons were found on the same day.

“I just think it’s indicative to what’s going on today. Unfortunately, students may feel like they need to arm themselves to protect themselves. I hate that they felt like they had to do that and they way that they handled it,” Dr. Goldsmith said.

He said neither student had ever caused any trouble at the school before, but the incident comes on the heels of State Superintendent of Education, Eric Mackey’s push to get school leaders across the state to ramp up security efforts even during summer school.

“Our superintendent, Dr. Sullivan, had mentioned that we need to increase security measures as they year…in fact, we’ve gotten tougher as the year’s gone on. We’ve become more experienced in how to check and look also. I just want to say thank you to my security team that works here. They work diligently, they’re there every morning they don’t miss a beat and handled the situation quickly and quietly,” Dr. Goldsmith said.

Dr. Goldsmith said he believes those guns were brought to Wenonah for reason believing that no one would bring a weapon to school unless they intended to use it.

He’s grateful that did not happen on Wednesday.


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