Childersburg residents combat flooding in Sadie Lee community

Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 9:09 AM CDT
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CHILDERSBURG, Ala. (WBRC) - Residents in Childersburg are upset after dealing with more flooding from Tuesday night’s rain. Some were trapped in their homes and cars.

This all happened in the Sadie Lee community, and neighbors say this has been an ongoing problem for years. They say nothing has gotten better and they’re afraid every time it rains.

“Why can’t you take care of your community?” asks one resident.

These are some of the questions frustrated residents are asking as they deal with more flood waters.

Consuela McGowan has stayed in this community for 14 years, and she says this is what happens any time there’s heavy rainfall.

“When you have to come into your home and you have insects, spiders, all kinds of little critters and stuff - that is terrible,” said McGowan. “Nobody else has to live like that. Right is right. Just because we live in the projects, you don’t have to treat us like we live in the projects because we’re not bad people.”

McGowan wants to see city leaders and the housing authority address these flooding issues.

She says previously, if tenants move their cars from the roadway into yards to prevent rising flood waters from getting inside, they’re fined about $30 from the housing authority.

“You have housing authority fussing, griping. Don’t pull your car on the grass. You have to. If you don’t pull it on the grass how will you get out?” says McGowan. “This morning it was on the grass, but guess what you still couldn’t get out because it was too flooded.”

McGowan says the city officials have told them they would do something about flooding in the area, but nothing has changed.

“Nobody cares about anything because it’s not affecting them,” says McGowan. “It’s affecting everybody else. And they look at it as ‘Oh it’s just the low-income area. It’s fine.’ No, it’s not fine. It’s not fine at all. I make my money and pay my taxes just like everybody. But every time they say they have a plan in action or funding. We need the funds now, not later.”

We spoke to officials with the housing authority at the Sadie Lee Homes Community and they say this is a city issue. We’ve contacted Mayor Ken Wesson and so far we have not heard back.


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