Checking out Central Alabama’s summer hot spots: Pirate Island on Lake Logan Martin

Published: May. 31, 2022 at 7:21 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Another summer hot spot to share, and this one is on Lake Logan Martin.

You’ll have to load up the boat to get to this slice of paradise!

The palm tree background may make you feel as though you’re in the Caribbean. But you’re not, you’re still in Alabama.

You don’t have to lower the latitude to find an oasis this summer - just look for the pirate flag.

“It’s a place, but it’s more of an attitude,” Jim Regan, owner of Pirate Island, said.

That’s the motto of Regan’s Pirate Island on Logan Martin!

“And the children drive their parents nuts, I hear this all the time ‘I want to go to Pirate Island’... I want to go to Pirate Island,” Regan added.

Regan knows why.

“They wanna get the beads, get the treasure,” Regan said. “And just because it’s an island they’re content and parents get a little break.”

Little Bentley feels like this while on the island.

“I feel out at sea, none of that should be showing,” Bentley said. “Those trees should be gone. I just see blue, blue everywhere.”

This year, Regan’s expecting the most visitors to date.

“With the price of gasoline, there’s going to be a lot of parking at Pirate Island in the bay,” Regan added.

This island would be nothing without Regan’s first mate, his wife Laurie.

“The pirate’s pretty cute isn’t he,” Laurie said with a smile.

The Alabama native gifted her husband the island years ago hoping it would bring the New York native a permanent paradise.

“Southern palm tree feeling that he wanted when he was growing up,” Laurie said.

“I’ve been disappointed ever since, I keep waiting on something, because what’s better, what’s better than an island,” Regan said with a laugh. “Been disappointed ever since.”

The couple’s love for their Pell City community shows with every detail on their property.

They do it all for free, but Regan says it’s worth it to see the Logan Martin crew enjoy Pirate Island all summer.

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” Regan said.


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