Census data shows Chelsea is the third fastest growing city in Alabama

Published: May. 31, 2022 at 7:29 PM CDT
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CHELSEA, Ala. (WBRC) - New census data shows the city of Chelsea is the third fastest growing city in the state, and the city’s working hard to make sure that growth is manageable.

The mayor said there was actually a short time when Chelsea was the fastest-growing city in Alabama.

He said most of the growth is happening among homebuyers, but there are several projects in the works to support the influx of interest.

“Chelsea is definitely still very much a place where people want to come and live and raise their families and our city is just getting bigger.” Chelsea Mayor Tony Picklesimer said he’s proud of the exponential growth his city is seeing.

“Most of the growth is in residential housing of course. We have a lot of housing being built on the east end of town but we also… there there’s also a very large subdivision just a mile here from City Hall. We have a great way of life. We have a great quality of life. You know, we’ve got great schools we’ve got…you know, we’re very accessible to Birmingham... everything… all of the modern conveniences, all the stores and everything it is readily accessible from Chelsea,” he explained.

Mayor Picklesimer said the road work right now outside City Hall will reroute Highway 47, and straighten out congestion on Highway 39 from 280.

But that’s not all.

“We’ve got a light project going on at 36th and 11th so just keeping up with the traffic, it is a challenge, but Shelby County is doing their best to meet that challenge. We do have infrastructure growth going on around the city,” Mayor Picklesimer said.

The mayor also supports the city forming its own school system, and Chelsea voters will soon decide whether to raise their own property taxes to support it.

Opponents said it’s too costly and the city would do better staying in Shelby County Schools, but the mayor disagrees.

“Most big cities… all of our neighboring cities Pelham, Alabaster, Leeds, Trussville, all of our neighboring cities have already broken away from the county system and formed their school system. This is our opportunity. I believe our moment is now. This is the time for us to do it and if we’re unable to get it done now, I think it could easily be a decade or more before we get another opportunity,” Mayor Picklesimer said.

Chelsea residents will vote on that property tax increase on July 12.

Mayor Picklesimer said even though the city is growing by leaps and bounds, he wants the city to stay true to its motto “All About Family” when making decisions.


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