Everybody, including Barons’ pitcher Sean Burke, goes to Milo’s

Published: May. 26, 2022 at 8:29 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Milo’s started way back in 1946, so this was a little history and food lesson for Barons’ right handed pitcher, Sean Burke.

He already knows about the tea.

“Last year was the first year I heard of Milo’s tea, I just figured out this place is based off the tea, the tea is good, I have high hopes for this place,” Burke said.

Now Burke knows why everybody goes to Milo’s.

“It’s not like a cheap fast food burger, tastes like a real burger,” Burke said while chomping down.

The surfer from Massachusetts is a third round pick from last year’s draft. He’s quickly moved up, calling Birmingham home for the last two weeks.

“Stuff down south closes earlier than up north. Noticed that,” Burke said.

And we noticed Sean is the sauce king!

“Honey mustard, Double O, Milo’s sauce. Best three,” Burke said as he ranked sauces.

“I don’t even need the dip, I can eat them like this,” Burke said on the fries. “They are good.”

Nothing was off the table at Milo’s, but Burke actually has to watch his diet because of migraines.

“I can’t eat bacon, can’t eat deli meat,” Burke said.

He even gave up chocolate for years to try to help. But no giving up this.

“Food is a lot better down south than up north,” Burke said.

He may even go as far to say the south is making him a little wiser, with these Milo’s nuggets of wisdom.

“Change the world, one nugget at the time,” Burke said while reading the packaging. “See that.”

All in all, Burke will be back. “Yeah this is good, I like this place.”

Be sure to welcome Sean to the Magic City! And let him know any good fishing spots! He likes to drop a line like his teammate DJ Burt, who we met just a few weeks ago.


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