Oxford PD using new body cam analytics software to improve citizen interactions

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 3:57 PM CDT
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OXFORD, Ala. (WBRC) - The only body camera video you’ve probably ever seen is when something goes terribly wrong, or heroically right.

But what about the thousands of hours these cameras record every day in most police departments that goes unwatched?

“No one’s every gonna go back and watch all those videos,” says Anthony Tassone, co-founder of body camera analytics company Truleo. “The vast majority of these interactions are positive. And we like highlighting that and showing command staff that the majority of your guys are doing a great job.”

Truleo uses artificial intelligence to go back and review all of that video, transcribe it, and then highlight especially good and especially bad interactions between law enforcement and you.

“We create chapters in these videos. We’re kind of like Netflix for body camera videos - we’ll show you exactly where these things happen,” Tassone explains.

The system customizes to meet the rules and guidelines for individual departments, like Oxford’s police department, the first in Alabama to use software like this.

“This isn’t a bunch of PhD nerds in Chicago deciding what good policing is like, this is guys like Chief Bill Partridge delivering input saying, “Hey - this is what professionalism sounds like,” Tassone explains.

“We provide a customer service to our community, and that service is policing and protection,” says Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge. “And we like to measure how we’re doing that service to our community, and Truleo helps us do that.”

Truleo says their goal is to find examples of good policing and allow departments to use those to train new officers, and to find and disrupt bad patterns of certain officers before they lead to something worse.

“It’s just a way for command staff to look at those videos, understand where is their risk, then go mitigate that risk and sit down with the officer and make sure that doesn’t happen again,” Partridge says. “It helps us correct things as far as policy and procedure to make sure we’re doing the right thing day in and day out.”

“It’s super expensive to recruit, hire, and train new officers,” Tassone explains. “By deploying body camera analytics, we can ensure they’re professionalism his high, we can also ensure they’re being recognized, which goes a long way in retaining these guys so they can have a long, safe, prosperous 20 or 25 year career.”

“We’ve heard over the last few years we need to reimagine police,” Partridge says. “We don’t need to reimagine police, we just need to do our job professionally, and we need to do it on a regular basis professionally with every interaction we make with the public. These are one of the things we’re able to measure it by and make sure we’re doing it right.”

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