Hueytown bat boy knocks his first season out of the park in a special way

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 8:35 PM CDT
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HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WBRC) - Hueytown has a new hero after a 6-year-old bat boy hit his first little league season out of the park on and off the field.

At an early age, Zane Allen was diagnosed with autism. Doctors said a few years ago he would never speak.

Well, Zane isn’t just speaking now, he’s taking over the diamond in Hueytown.

It’s Zane Allen’s first season as a Hueytown Youth Baseball bat boy.

“I get the bats and put them where they were,” Zane said.

During the last game of the year, Zane really stepped up to the plate.

“My baseball team and that baseball team helped me hit the ball,” Zane said.

Not just a hit, but a home run!

“That’s why Richard gave me the ball and I screamed and runned,” Zane said about getting the game ball from his coach.

“It was an awesome feeling to see it happen,” Richard Roddy, Zane’s coach, said.

“I definitely cried, still cry watching it,” Rachael Allen, Zane’s mom, said.

“That’s why it was the most incredible thing in baseball in town,” Zane added.

He ended the season the most decorated player on the team!

“I got my precious balls and precious trophies,” Zane said.

“He even went to sleep with his ball and his trophy in his hand that night,” Rachael said.

Moments like that let Rachael know she did the right thing signing up him for ball.

“You didn’t know how he was going to interact, or how the kids would interact with him,” Rachael said. “So that was the scary part, but as the season progressed, he just became one of them, everyone was so sweet to him.”

So next season, the bat boy wants to hit the field every game.

“Baseball is one of my favorite games,” Zane said.

“He’s definitely like ‘I can do anything now’,” Rachael said. “That’s how I’ve always wanted him to feel.”

Coach Roddy owns a bat company. Now, 10% of his sales will go to the Autism Society of Alabama.


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