Disabled veteran says support dog attacked with an arrow

WBRC dog shot in Talladega Co.
Published: May. 17, 2022 at 10:41 PM CDT
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OAK GROVE, Ala. (WBRC) - Billy Morris was out feeding his chickens Monday on his mini farm in Oak Grove when he noticed his dog Cotton slowly walking up to him.

“When he turned broadside, I noticed that’s when he had an object sticking out of his side,” Morris said.

An arrow was sticking out of Cotton, a Great Pyrenees who is about 4 years old. Morris believes someone did this to his dog on purpose.

“He was hardly breathing. He actually laid down at my feet and in that moment, I knew he was in serious trouble,” Morris said.

Morris who is a disabled veteran used his military training to help his four-legged friend, who’s also his support dog. He wrapped him up and rushed him to the vet.

" I was afraid I was going to lose my dog. I actually had to start breathing mouth to muzzle on the way to the veterinary clinic. He was less than 20% breathing capacity. I was practically breathing for him,” Morris said.

Cotton suffered from collapsed lungs according to Morris. Luckily the vet’s office was able to help him. He’s now recovering. Morris can’t believe someone would hurt his dog.

“Just knowing somebody is mentally unstable in that capacity and just demented to do something like that,” Morris said.

Morris is going through a lot right now not only dealing with his military trauma but also going through a divorce. So, Cotton has been his buddy through it all.

“When my son’s not here. It’s just me and him. He follows me around the farm here. I just enjoy his company. He’s part of the family.” Morris said.

Morris says Cotton roams the neighborhood and is a friendly dog.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is looking into this situation. Morris says something similar happened to one of his neighbor’s dogs. He wants the person responsible to be held accountable.


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