Hay Court residents speak out about multiple shootings Monday night

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 7:45 PM CDT
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala, (WBRC) - One resident and a frequent visitor spoke after five people were shot at Hay Court in west Tuscaloosa Monday night.

You can hear and feel the frustrations, the angst, and that longing for peace around the community.

Monday night around 9:30 p.m., someone opened fire on five people in what police describe as a common area of Hay Court in west Tuscaloosa, not inside a home.

The five victims are expected to survive, according to authorities.

“And somebody goes ‘boom, boom’ by the time I opened the door,” said Maggie Washington.

Washington and others say they are tired of what seems to be a reoccurring nightmare at Hay Court; shootings, wrongdoing and some folks up to no good. Washington moved to Hay Court in 2011.

“This needs to stop cause when I moved here, it wasn’t like this. It needs to be a safer community, people need to live here and not be scared and watch over their back,” she said.

It’s not clear for now what prompted the shooting. Another man, who often visits his uncle in Hay Court, thinks he has an idea of what might help mitigate or even prevent trouble in the future.

“You know if we can get more basketballs and goals here. Sports leads to education. Education leads to literacy. Literacy leads to better situations involving everybody,” the man said.

“Nothing I can do about it,” Washington added.

Maggie Washington says she has no regrets making the move 11 years ago, but is beginning to wonder when will the violence stop.

“Is anything gonna happen tonight? Tomorrow?”

Peace returned to Hay Court before sunrise Tuesday. Washington and her fellow neighbors hope and pray it stays that way.

The Tuscaloosa County Violent Crimes Unit says it continues to search for witnesses and persons of interest that might be connected to the case.

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