How law enforcement will track down a former correctional officer on the run with inmate

Former Sheriff sheds light on the process
Published: May. 3, 2022 at 7:45 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Law enforcement are still searching for Vicky White and Casey White. Just within the last few hours U.S. Marshals released details on the vehicle they believe the former correctional officer and murder suspect to be driving. A red 2007 Ford Edge with a little bit of damage to the left rear bumper.

At this moment the two remain on the run, evading law enforcement at every level. Former Tuscaloosa Sheriff Ted Sexton is stressing the fact they have not yet been captured says a great deal.

“It shows they may have had an extreme amount of planning because the number of days that they have not been discovered,” said Sexton.

The Former Tuscaloosa Sheriff is aware of the tactics law enforcement will use as they work to capture the two who share a “special relationship.”

“Right now state, local and federal assets are more than likely being used. They are using whatever mechanism they have to be able to track known associates for both parties.”

The question then becomes how long can the the two stay silent.

“How long can they go without using a credit card, how long can they go without using a cell phone, how long can they go without making contact to a friend or family member. Those are things that will eventually break down.”

Sexton stresses the duo will eventually make a misstep, and says at that point the community may have to step up and alert law enforcement.

“They will eventually make a mistake or find themselves in a position where they are going to need additional help, or they will need something. They will make contact with someone else, even in public and then it is see something, say something.”

Sexton urged individuals to come forward if they have any information. Casey White is a large individual who stands over six feet six inches tall and three hundred pounds. Thus he is more likely to stand out in a crowd and again, keep your eyes peeled for a red 2007 Ford Edge with a little bit of damage to the left rear bumper.


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