Doctors say Evusheld can protect immunocompromised

Evusheld could protect the most vulnerable from COVID
Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 10:27 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The COVID-19 numbers have declined drastically, but the virus and its variants are still cause for concern, in particular among the immunocompromised. But doctors said a new medicine called Evusheld is further ensuring their safety.

The first thing people will need is a prescription from a doctor’s office, and the medicine can only be given prior to infection. This means a person who has a compromised immune system is exposed to COVID, but not exhibiting symptoms.

It’s the combination of two monoclonal antibodies and it’s a transfusion you would receive via IV. Studies show it to be highly effective in protecting those with a weaker immune system. While the medicine first came on to the scene in 2021, only 1500 doses have been given out in the state of Alabama.

District Medical Officer Alabama Department of Public Health Dr. Wes Stubblefield tells me that seeking out monoclonal treatments is rather easy. You can visit Combat COVID online and find an array of options. In Birmingham, there are over 200 Evusheld appointments available.

“For these individuals it is very effective. Studies have shown up to an 80 percent reduction in symptomatic COVID disease, so this can be a big deal for people who may end up in the hospital or have very severe infection. Again these people may already be vaccinated but still run that risk of severe infection.”

Studies show the transfusion can be effective up to six months, and if you have already gotten a dose you may be eligible to get another. You just need to contact your healthcare provider.

Dr. Stubblefield stressed that while the virus has evolved, so have our treatment options.


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