Chelsea residents picking up the pieces after EF-1 Tornado

Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 8:23 AM CDT
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CHELSEA, Ala. (WBRC) - On Wednesday just off County Road 49 people drove by a small barn without a second thought, but they could not help but to look Thursday as it now serves as a reminder of the danger presented by straight line winds and tornado producing storms.

One resident on the property, says they consider themselves lucky. No one inside the home was injured, and while one of the horses received a few cuts and scrapes there are no major injuries.

There is no rhyme or reason behind the madness here, some homes and cars are damaged, and some look like a storm never came. Sometimes right next door to one another.

Just a mile and one left turn away, several homes took on damage, but in between the two locations one would think a storm never rolled through. Still several were out today surveying the community and sharing their story from the night prior.

“Last night we heard it come over our house, and it was creaking because the winds were so high. When it went over us we felt like, ‘This is it’,” said Ed Gowens.

Luckily Ed says he received no damage to his property, but several have come to check on the families who weren’t as fortunate. Some said that’s what makes Shelby county special, that they always help one another when in need.


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