Carving up some creativity! Woman teaches chainsaw sculpting classes in Alabaster

Published: Feb. 28, 2022 at 7:16 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Time to crank up the creativity, in an unconventional way.

Watching Heather Bailey carve with a chainsaw is like watching one of the houses that sell being built from the ground up.

“I have a lot of chainsaws, a lot of all the tools that go with it, I just love it when I have some free time,” Bailey said.

Bailey, a real estate agent, also teaches chainsaw carving classes in Alabaster. She’s sculpted wood since she was a kid but now wants to share the joy it brings her with others.

“I’ve taught ladies in their 70s, and they absolutely love it,” Bailey said.

She begins with a stump. The one she used Monday was for a bear carving.

“So I’ve done them so often I know where to cut, it didn’t start that way though,” Bailey said. “You develop those muscles really, muscle control, muscle memory, it gets a lot easier.”

Everyone starts somewhere! Bailey said even the most inexperienced sculptors can carve their creation in just one class.

“Definitely going to go home with something you can manage and finish out on your own,” Bailey said.

Dr. Joshua Klapow said creative outlets offer our brains a change of scenery which has a calming effect on our body.

“We have all been there, doing something we enjoy and we don’t know how much time is passing by, that’s called a state of flow,” Dr. Klapow said.

She may forget the time, but never the friendships chainsaw carving brings.

“A lot of the people who are involved in it are rebels but have huge hearts, so it’s just a really fun community,” Bailey said.


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