Oxford police chief calls for stricter laws against violent & repeat offenders after officer-involved shooting kills man

Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 10:14 PM CST
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OXFORD, Ala. (WBRC) - Oxford’s police chief is calling for stricter laws against career criminals after a fatal officer-involved shooting early Monday morning.

Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge says laws need to change when it comes to letting violent or repeat offenders out of jail or court ordered rehab. He said it needs to be done to help keep police and the community safe.

“This individual has a 48 page rap sheet,” Chief Partridge said.

Oxford Police said 26-year-old Alexander Kade Lanier is dead after hijacking a car at gunpoint early Monday morning.

“As you can see, they are talking,” Partridge said while going over security video. “He pulls a gun. You see them run. The owners run towards a police officer across the street.”

Partridge said Lanier died from a police bullet while in his car and that he was leading officers on a chase. Partridge said he also fired more than six shots at police while using a stolen gun.

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“This is a very unfortunate incident,” Partridge said. “We should not be standing here, because this man should be in jail.”

He said Lanier should have been in jail because of his long history with the law, including multiple felonies.

“Multiple drug offenses,” Partridge said of Lanier’s rap sheet. “Numerous assaults’ and battery charges, including to facility staff and law enforcement officers. Multiple vehicle thefts, fraud, and outstanding felony warrants.”

Partridge said Lanier was released to rehab, but he was able to walk away because of security issues.

“These men and women shouldn’t be out here everyday on our streets, putting their life on the line, because judges and courts allow these individuals to walk out the door without a bond or putting them into a rehab facility that is not as secure,” Partridge said.

While no officers were injured during the chase, Partridge said there needs to be more laws preventing violent or career criminals from being back on the streets.

“If this individual is shooting police officers and carjacked a vehicle, right across the street from a uniformed marked unit, just imagine what he would do to our citizens,” Partridge said. “We need to pass laws in this state that prevent this kind of stuff from happening.”

Partridge said the officers involved are on administrative leave while the case is being investigated by the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office.


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