Kemp’s Kitchen “hires” new robot server

Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 9:10 PM CST
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GARDENDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - Kemp’s Kitchen in Gardendale has a new employee and she’s a lot different than all the rest.

Why? Well, she’s a robot.

They call her “Betsy” and she’s only been a part of the team since last Monday, but she’s already creating quite a stir.

Meet Betsy.

“Welcome to Kemp’s. My name is Betsy. Please take your food and enjoy.”

The newest addition to the Kemp’s Kitchen family.

She been on the job for about a week now.

“She is here just to kind of help us out. With COVID and stuff, the restaurant business had really experienced a lot of hurt as far as finding employees and finding people to work and this kind of separates that complete,” said Marketing Coordinator for Kemp’s Kitchen, Daniel Harp.

Not only does Betsy help… say… if someone has to call off, but she also helps employees while they’re on the clock serving food to customers or bussing tables.

“She has like a little tablet on the back of her and it’s got all the tables numbered 1 thru like 27, I think, and what you’ll do is you’ll place an order and the kitchen will get it done, and then from the kitchen, they’ll place the food on to Betsy and they’ll just place whatever table number ordered it, they’ll press it, and press go, and it will go to your table and bring you your food,” Harp explained.

But Kemp’s stresses that robots aren’t taking jobs away from those who need them, and customers will still be able to enjoy the human interaction.

“A server will take your order still. Betsy just brings you your food, and it’s kind of like a fun little experience to have. Like, especially the kids. So far, the kids are like enjoying it a lot more. Even like the older generation, I personally thought that they were going to be a little against it, but they love it,” Harp said.

He said they plan to hire another “Betsy” for the Trussville location when it opens up.


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