Police methods and tactics questioned in Brookside

One state leader calls the community ‘Booby Trap Brookside’
State rep. calls on several Brookside leaders to resign
Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 8:37 PM CST
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BROOKSIDE, Ala. (WBRC) - State and local leaders are now demanding answers in Brookside. Allegations of illegal and aggressive policing, as well as racial profiling are flying around the Jefferson County community.

Representative Juandalynn Givan represents District 60, which Brookside falls in. She is angry about the allegations and wants answers, as well as change. For her, that starts with city leader’s resignation. She requested the Mayor’s, Municipal judge’s and city prosecutor’s resignation in this letter Thursday.

Letter illustrates Givan's thoughts on the drama erupting in the community.
Letter illustrates Givan's thoughts on the drama erupting in the community.(WBRC)

“There are many questions that must be answered with regard to all matters that have arisen relative to what I call ‘Booby Trap Brookside’ because that is what it has become, with its policing methods and tactics,” said Representative Juandalynn Givan.

A new concern leaders are hearing about is that the Brookside Police Department may be disregarding jurisdiction when writing tickets.

“A sign clearly in the area where Jefferson County patrols and answers calls was placed right there saying it was Brookside’s jurisdiction. Brookside does not answer calls in that area. We answer the calls in that area. I don’t know why that sign was placed there,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway.

Community members who live on Roberta Road in Jefferson County say they often see Brookside police pull people over in their community. Which they have been told is in Jefferson County. Some neighbors see they now see alternate routes to avoid being pulled over, and that they fear being harassed.

“People travelling I-22 are fearful. We went out to dinner the other night, and my wife and daughter didn’t want me to come back down I-22 from Fultondale to get back home,” said Jefferson County resident Jerry Foster.

Sheriff Pettway says he has received multiple calls and complaints on the matter.

“They felt like their rights were violated because they were not pulled over in the city in which these officers were commissioned to patrol,” said Sheriff Pettway

While Chief Mike Jones is no longer leading the department, Representative Givan says more needs to be done. She is now stressing the legislation needs to get involved.

“You’re going to begin to see some legislation move forward because this is major issue and it is not just in the city of Brookside its in many of these little towns who think they are all powerful,” said Representative Givan.

So far, Brookside’s Mayor and town judge have not responded to our questions. Representative Givan and Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway are hosting what a “emergency town hall meeting” to talk about the situation in Brookside. Anyone who’s been affected can attend.

The town hall is on February 1st at 6:00 p.m. It will take place at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Training Facility on Happy Hollow Road in Fultondale. For more details on the Brookside saga, you can click here.


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