St. Clair Co. broadband internet survey addresses need in the area

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 8:12 AM CST
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ST. CLAIR Co., Ala. (WBRC) - Studies show about a quarter of rural Americans say access to high speed internet is a problem. Families in St. Clair County say this is their daily struggle.

Now residents can fill out a broadband survey that will help examine issues in the area.

William Brewer has lived near Springville for almost 3 years. He says there’s one main internet provider in the area and the service isn’t dependable.

“They were advertised at 12 megs per second,” Brewer says. “That’s barely adequate. Unfortunately we averaged between 9 and 10 then also the coverage was so spotty that my wife who works from home full time and my daughter is in college virtually. It was a nightmare. Constantly going down.”

Brewer says the service impacted his families daily activities. With everything from wifi to his security camera their internet service became a problem.

“If I had movement at my door, I might get notified a few minutes later,” says Brewer. “Now with this higher speed that I’ve gotten through t mobile hotspot, boom it’s right there. Where with the old service it was just a choppy picture. So everything from day to day life to security, to medical issues is all wrapped around the internet.”

Brewer believes internet service is becoming a necessity. He would like to see the infrastructure keep up with the needs of people in every community, big or small.

“Even if it’s necessary direct some infrastructure funding from the federal government to the underserved areas so these people can get proper internet service,” says Brewer. “Internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a day to day thing people need. Working from home, going to school from home. It’s horrible.”

The broadband survey will help determine areas with the greatest need for internet service and assist funding requests and grant proposals to get better service in St. Clair County.

To fill out the survey visit


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