Parents react to Tuscaloosa County School closings

Parents and school closings
Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 5:42 PM CST
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TUSCALOOSA Ala. (WBRC) - We have some new developments in the temporary closing of six Tuscaloosa County public schools. Tuesday, County School officials closed six schools. Of the six, four remained closed Wednesday, because of COVID and the flu.

For many parents, it is an inconvenience, but not so for Jamie Hakes and her five-year-old son Chase.

“Given that so many teachers have been ill,” said Hakes.

Jamie Hakes lives just 100 yards from Cottondale Elementary, one of four schools that remained closed Wednesday due to COVID and the flu.

“I applaud the decision. The less risk, the better,” she said.

The reason is she works from home and she’s been down this road before. It is simply not an issue.

“When COVID began in 2020 to working outside the home to working at home,” said Hakes.

Little Chase seems to be enjoying the time at home.

“Be home with my mommy and daddy,” he said.

But Hakes is mindful it’s not so clear-cut for other parents.

“I feel for the parents that have to work outside the house. It may be a little inconvenient for them,” said Hakes,

And Hakes wonders why the county school district doesn’t shut the school down for entire week and start anew next Monday.

“And allowing the teachers and substitutes to have that extra time to recover,” said Hakes.

Although Cottondale Elementary is closed for now, Jamie Hakes says her son isn’t just sitting at home doing nothing.

There is, in fact, learning taking place. A sign of the times; COVID, temporary school closures and families like Jamie and Chase learning what it means to adjust and pivot.

Tuscaloosa County School leaders say Jamie Hakes makes a good point, but the overriding goal is to get back to in-person learning, back in the schoolhouse, even though there are only two days left in the week this week.


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