Couple loses $1,100 over salesman’s mistake

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 5:48 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 19, 2022 at 2:38 PM CST
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ALEXANDRIA, Ala. (WBRC) – Mike Stewart saw an ad for Eagle Carports on Facebook, clicked the link, and found a two-car garage that was just what he’s been looking for.

“I wanted metal because I figured it would be quicker and less expensive, which it was,” said Stewart.

Until it wasn’t.

Stewart was connected with a local dealer who came to his house, measured the concrete pad where he wanted the garage built, and went over options.

“He sent four different sets of drawings before we ever got the right building that I needed to fit my concrete pad. Well, then after we get the buildings squared away, he came and he wanted a down payment. Well, you pay him. So, I made the check out to him,” explained Stewart.

The total bill was just almost $9,000. The $1,100 down payment went to the salesman and the rest would be paid directly to Eagle Carports after the installation.

Stewart said when signing the contract he noticed two errors.

First, the doors were on the side of the garage and Stewart wanted them on the front. Second, the contract said the carport would be installed on dirt, but Stewart wanted it on concrete.

Stewart said the salesman told him he would make the changes on the final contract.

“I don’t usually let stuff like that happen to me. I trusted the man,” said Stewart.

The contract Eagle Carports got was different from the one Stewart signed but only had one of the changes, not both.

“They showed up with the wrong building,” said Stewart. “He sent in the wrong drawing.”

Stewart said he called the salesman to get the right garage delivered but was told he’d have to pay a $450 restock fee.

“I refused to do that,” said Stewart.

He added, “I talked to [the salesman] after the building didn’t fit and he said, ‘It’s not my place to pay you back. It’s their fault they sent the wrong building.’ I knew right then I was in trouble. Then the next day he will not return calls, will not answer any emails, texts, Facebook, he will not answer, he has not spoke [sic] to me since.”

Stewart said he called Eagle Carports to try to get the issue resolved but was referred back to the salesman he worked with. Stewart said he wasn’t getting anywhere between the company and the salesman, so he called WBRC FOX6 News for help.

WBRC FOX6 spoke with the salesman over the phone who said he would not return the $1,100 check because Stewart signed the contract and got what he ordered.

The contract Stewart signs puts responsibility for returning any refund “legally due” to the independent dealer.

“He represents that company to me, so they should be responsible for their sales people,” said Stewart.

A representative with Eagle Carports told WBRC FOX6: “Eagle Carports, Inc. cannot return this customer’s money because we did not collect any money from Mr. Stewart. [The local dealer], as of today, no longer affiliated with Eagle Carports, Inc. This dealer collected money on the premise that he would submit an accurate order with all pertinent information included. It appears he made a mistake with the door placement and is not willing to admit to it.”

Eagle Carports said it was willing to correct the problem and get Stewart the garage he wanted, but before receiving the offer, Stewart placed an order with another company.

He is satisfied this salesman is no longer representing Eagle Carports, but is disappointed he lost $1,100.

“I don’t have the money just to throw away,” said Stewart.

The Better Business Bureau advises you thoroughly review any contract before signing it, and if there are any issues, do not sign the document.


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