The Strip prepares to welcome thousands to watch Bama-Georgia title game

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 7:34 PM CST
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Long before kick-off in Indianapolis the Strip in Tuscaloosa started getting fired up this morning and we’re talking long before noon. This was a clear sign that so many Bama fans were ready to get this show on the road as the Crimson Tide goes for yet another championship tonight.

It was around 10 this morning when the traffic started to increase on the Strip and it’s been building ever since. Call it the unofficial Nick Saban Invitational the Strip promises to be loud and proud tonight especially if Alabama does it again with another title.

“To get ready for tonight it’s always a challenge,” said Twelve 25 sports bar owner Jay Jarrett.

Jay Jarrett is ready to go with his sports bar. Prepped, stocked and ready to cheer ‘Roll Tide!’

“We have more security. We have more inventory, beer, liquor and food... all the things involved because we’re expecting a huge crowd here tonight,” said Jarrett.

Chris Coleman’s been down this road before. He knows what to expect which means he won’t be going to bed anytime soon.

“We’ve seen this. Last year was the same way,” said Coleman who owns Unique Bar.

Still, Coleman wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s nothing like winning that helps a business.

“We’ve seen the enrollment go up. More students, more business,” Coleman said.

A few doors down inside Bama Express, silence but not for long if Bama wins. David Jones says he has the personnel on hand to reopen the store by early fourth quarter if it looks like the Crimson Tide will finish off Georgia.

“We’ll close at 5, normal today and we’ll open in the fourth quarter if need to,” said owner David Jones.

Tuscaloosa police say they intend to have a great presence along a three block section of the Strip to prevent any unruliness.

It’s been said last year’s crowd numbered around 5,000. Tonight should be no different.


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