Community remembers Birmingham teen killed by a stray bullet as a leader and mentor

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 10:12 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 11, 2022 at 3:54 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The promising life of a Birmingham teenager cut short by a stray bullet left the community shocked and angry it happened again.

Yasmine Wright, 16, was shot while on her way home from working a shift at the Birmingham Zoo. Birmingham police say she was a passenger in a car driving by when the shooting happened.

Those who knew and loved Yasmine said she was a leader and mentor who, in her short years, made an impact that will never be forgotten.

“You look back at the pictures to now and you can’t help but well up with tears because you aren’t going to be able to see your baby no more,” Devin Posey, AGGBGC Chief Operating Officer said.

Saddened and sick at the thought of how Yasmine lost her life, head of The A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls Club in Birmingham, Devin Posey, tried to figure out how to cope, piecing together in his mind why this happened to such a good person.

“Yasmine in a nutshell was very energetic, very sweet. I know everyone says that about loved ones but I can definitely say Yasmine was a big ball of energy when she walked in the room,” he said.

Posey said the Central Park club where Yasmine attended would not be the same without her energy.

Yasmine won and served as the A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls Club 2021 Youth of the Year. She grew up in the program; beginning when she was about 11-years-old.

Posey said she had plans for the new year she shared with him, the pair did not know that would be one of their last conversations.

“Passing out snacks. being that help around the club. Helping out at the front desk. Tic Toking her way around the club. you notice that and you’re going to miss it,” Posey said.

Posey says Yasmine told him she planned to pursue Youth of Year again in 2022. Posey said AGGBGC would honor Yasmine when the competition started in March.

The Club was also hosting a balloon release in Yasmine’s honor Thursday, 1/13/2022 at 4 p.m. at 4821 Avenue W, Birmingham, AL 35208.

Balloon release to honor Yasmine
Balloon release to honor Yasmine(A.G. Gaston Boys & Girls Club)

Birmingham activist, Donald Shepherd, said more measures needed to be taken to end gun violence in Birmingham and that adults needed to take accountability to make a real change in the community.

“What is the wrong place? What is the right time,” Shepherd asked.

Shepherd created a conflict resolution organization called STRAP which teaches youth how to avoid using violence in disagreements.

Shepherd said youth being killed in senseless acts of violence is occurring too often, too close to home.

“It has gotten to the point where we have to take extreme measures. The conflict resolution initiatives need to go beyond the schools,” said Shepherd.

Shepherd who teams us with law enforcement, elected officials, and others said the organization connected with hundreds of students a week but he hoped to expand the initiative to offering services to adults.

“Learn how to walk away. Learn how to think about fully, what you’re about to do. Think of the consequences,” said Shepherd.


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