Andrade holds her own on Squadron staff while being a role model for other women in sports

Published: Dec. 14, 2021 at 5:27 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -The Birmingham Squadron have a winning record in the NBA G-League, and their female assistant coach is a big part of that.

Even in a men’s league, Mery Andrade, holds her own.

Andrade is a pioneer in the G -League.

In a male-dominated sport, she’s using her experiences to help players tap into their full potential.

She’s new to Birmingham, so it’s her first taste of southern hospitality.

“My neighbors are like ‘hi’ and they know who I am we talk a little bit,” Andrade said.

But she’s no stranger to the court.

The Birmingham Squadron assistant coach brings 16 years of professional basketball experience to the bench.

“It’s basketball you know, it shouldn’t be women’s basketball. It’s basketball that’s played by women and played by men.”

Andrade said having a woman on staff only adds to the Squadron’s game plan.

“Because you don’t have the same athleticism as men, you still have to steal, score, pass and do all the things, it’s more tactic, you need to know your x’s and o’s,” Andrade said.

She scouts teams, calls plays, just like the rest of the staff.

“So I try to see OK when they start moving this way OK this is going to happen, so I tell the players what to do,” Andrade said.

When she’s not changing formations, she’s prepping the players for what to do after they take their final shot as the Squadron’s player development coach.

“But there is not a lot of people who would play 16 years professional,” Andrade said.

Coach Andrade’s ultimate goal is to coach in the NBA. Because of trailblazers like herself, she knows more women will want to do the same.

“And, hopefully Becky and the Spurs and Popovich have opened that door,” Andrade said.


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