Local Christmas tree farmer says there’s a shortage of certain varieties

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 7:50 PM CST
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TARRANT, Ala. (WBRC) - Christmas trees are going up in homes all over the country, but for those who love putting their gifts under a real tree, you may have a tougher time finding the variety your used to. We’ve been pointing the finger at the supply chain for many of the items we can’t seem to find on shelves right now, but in this case, it’s the weather that’s contributing to the Christmas tree shortage.

The Smiths are looking for the perfect Christmas tree.

“And it’s gotta be less than eight feet tall, you know, you can’t be above the ceiling, but other than that…it’s umm…as she used to say…what was the saying…not too big, not too small, not too crooked at all,” said Bradley Smith.

Coming to Pine Hill Farms Christmas Tree Farm has become a family tradition over the past four years, and Bradley said nothing beats the thrill of the hunt.

“You can go down the road and buy a tree, but the experience of coming out here and cutting down your own is…you know…something you don’t get to experience as much in the city,” Bradley said.

But finding the perfect tree may be a little more difficult. Local farmers said the weather hasn’t been cooperating and trees cost about $10 more per foot this year.

“We have taken a real cut on the number of Frazier Firs from North Carolina and that isn’t to do with the freight or anything. It’s just the growing and the droughts and also, they didn’t grow trees for a year or two and that’s not good ‘cause it takes eight years up there to grow a really nice tree,” said owner of Pine Hill Farms, Carlene Walker.

And if you’re looking for Concolor tree from Michigan, well you won’t find it here this year.

“Wonderful tree. It smells like an orange and people love it. Once they’ve had it, they don’t want anything else. Well, they are frozen. They froze in Michigan and he did not bring they down ‘cause they looked so sad,” Walker explained.

But the Smiths had more than enough Christmas trees to choose from, and after some searching, they were able to find the perfect one.

Walker said supply chain issues aren’t hurting the Christmas tree supply, but they are causing shortages of certain Christmas decorations.

She said they have about half of the decor they had last year.

Walker said the secret to keeping your tree looking fresher longer is to put the stump in boiling water every day.


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