Walmart Black Friday starts next week, but there’s a catch

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 6:13 PM CDT
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If you are someone who traditionally waits till Black Friday and Cyber Monday to do the bulk of your holiday shopping, you might want to change your plans this year.

With expected shortages everywhere, store are now rolling out early Black Friday deals, which are surprisingly good for this time of year.

Walmart has just released its first Black Friday ad, listing dozens of Deals for Days, that start November 3rd online, and November 5th in stores, when the kids are still eating their Halloween candy.

A second round of new deals launches a week later, November 10th.

A third not-yet-announced Black Friday event will take place Thanksgiving online (stores are not holding in-person sales Thanksgiving night for the second year in a row).

But unlike during previous years, these are the real thing, not some Black Friday preview sale that everyone knows won’t be the lowest prices of the month.

Starting November 3rd online (and on the 5th in stores), Walmart will offer:

  • Chromebooks for $87.
  • Keurig K Compact coffee maker for $35.
  • 65 inch Samsung HDTV’s as low as $568.
  • Toys as low as $5.

Those are real Black Friday prices, 3 weeks early.

Paid members get first dibs

But from the “doesn’t that stink” file, the fact you may have to pay a fee to guarantee an early spot shopping the best deals.

Walmart will start all the deals 4 hours early for Walmart Plus members, if you pay $98 a year for membership.

It’s Walmart’s version of Amazon Prime.

Amazon has done the same thing for several years: you need to be a paid Prime member ($119 a year) to access their Lightning Deals before the general public.

But to bargain shoppers, having to pay to get an edge may have you saying “doesn’t that stink?”

Target and Best Buy are also launching early Black Friday deals in the days ahead, to help shoppers not get frustrated by bare shelves after Thanksgiving.

Sure, you may save a few bucks shopping on the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but understand the risks of not finding what you want, so you don’t waste your money.