St. Clair County residents to vote on property tax increase

Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 7:05 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - On November 16, residents in St. Clair County will vote on a property tax increase. If passed, this means more money for the school system.

This is not a county wide vote, instead it’s broken down by school attendance zones. Some schools in the same district could receive more money than others.

The zones are broken down as followed: Ragland, Moody, Odenville, Springville, Ashville, and Margaret are all looking to benefit from the tax increase. Superintendent Mike Howard says each school zone has different needs.

“Each one is asking for a different amount. Ashville and Ragland are asking for a 5 mil increase,” says Howard. “Odenville is asking for a 12 mil increase. Moody and Springville are asking for a 15 mil increase.”

For example, the millage increase for residents in Moody and Springville could mean those living in a house valued at $100,000 could pay an extra $150 per year in property taxes.

If passed, the funds will stay in each school zone to address the various needs.

“Moody and Springville both need new schools,” says Howard. “That’s the big ticket item that will be added. Odenville needs a new cafeteria, a new stadium. Ragland and Ashville need gym improvements to their current gym. Ashville is looking to build a brand new gym facility.”

If these increases aren’t passed, Howard saw other options are limited for the school district.

“Our students population is growing at an alarming rate. We just don’t have the facilities we need to continue having the students in our school without the need of bringing in trailers to educate our students and have more mobile classrooms,” Howard says. “We can’t expand with hard structures and buildings. Our only other option is to bring in portable trailers.”

This tax increase vote shouldn’t only be important for parents with students in St. Clair County. Howard says things like new schools and upgrades benefit and add to the value of properties throughout the county.

For additional informational on the breakdown of how each school will use the revenue, visit here.

To find out how you can fill out an absentee ballot, visit here.


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