Homeowners still working to clean up after Wednesday night’s flooding

Published: Oct. 10, 2021 at 10:36 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Dozens of homeowners across the state are working to clean up and repair water damage after heavy flooding earlier this week.

“It has by far been the worst that we’ve seen as far as flooding,” Restoration One of Birmingham Owner Chad Yeilding said. “People are calling us and panicking. We’ve had several people call in crying. We‘ve had calls from individuals that were trapped in their homes. You get there and it’s just destruction in their home with mud and debris all throughout their home.”

Yeilding said the destruction is not just happening to homes in flood prone areas.

“A lot of these individuals don’t have flood insurance because they are not anywhere where they needed flood insurance,” he said. “But, when you have 12 inches of rain fall over night, it is going to rise somewhere.”

Yeilding said water is the worst damage homeowners can have.

“It’s going to go anywhere it can which means behind cabinets, walls, and insulation,” he said. “Even though you may only have a couple of inches of damage, by the time we get there, that water may be up the walls 18 inches.”

But, Yeilding said there are things you can do next time to prepare. He said sandbagging your doorways and moving your valuables can be helpful.

“Go around and make sure you have good pictures of things in your home that are really valuable to you,” Yeilding said. “Try and keep your documents off the floor.”

Yeilding said because the flooding was so widespread and hit so many areas, homeowners are now on repair waitlists.

“Make sure you are on multiple waitlists,” Yeilding said. “If they have contents that are wet, get them off the ground. Move them.”

Yeilding said another problem you might face during your cleanup efforts are materials being in short supply. He said things like new cabinets are on backorder for months, so it will be a long recovery process for many homeowners in our area.

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