Green Valley residents upset over flooding concerns

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 4:15 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It was a contentious meeting between several homeowners and Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato on Friday. Both sides met to discuss drainage and flood problems in the Green Valley community.

City leaders said there will be a second meeting to answer many of the homeowners questions, but this time the city doesn’t want the media there. The homeowners want the city to do more to help reduce the flooding threat, but Hoover leaders say the law prevents them.

Some residents were angry. “Settle down? Why can’t I speak? He is talking over people. Whoever approved that needs to take some responsibility,” one resident said.

Frustrations boiled over at the meeting between Green Valley residents and Hoover City leaders. “This drainage system can’t hold the amount of water that comes through it on a consistent basis.” Martha Garner said.

Due to major flooding from Wednesday night, the road on Paulett Drive is impassable, possibly due to the sewer line. A drainage ditch across the street is damaged with rocks blocking the flow of water under the roadway. “I want to hear our neighbors of mine are going to get some help.” Garner said.

Several homes were flooded when heavy rain hit the area Wednesday night One home had sewage from the flood waters flow into his home. “Hoover like several communities we experienced a one thousand year storm. Literally rainfall that should only happen one thousand years.” Allen Rice, Hoover City Administrator said.

Mayor Frank Brocato and Rice tried to tell the residents they are limited by law what they can do. “Some of the issues we are being asked to address we do not a have the legal authority to do because we can’t go on private property.” Rice said.

This news upset some homeowners. “It’s frustrating. We don’t understand how infrastructure and drainage systems are the responsibility of property owner.” Garner said.

Rice said the city will address the road problems. Jefferson County has been notified about the sewer issue. A study showing what is private and public property has been completed by engineers looking at water basin issues in the area.

Rice said recent work putting in sidewalks on Chapel Road had nothing to do with the drainage problems

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