Monarch Ridge Apartment tenants say they’ve had no gas since July

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 7:42 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We have received several calls and emails from people living at Monarch Ridge Apartments.

Those who live there have many issues with the complex.

They’re concerned about crime in the area, garbage not being cleaned up, repairs not being completed in units, and most recently, no gas to cook or heat apartments.

Christopher Orr has been living at Monarch Ridge Apartments, formerly known as Valley Brook Apartments, for the last three years.

He said problems at the complex started for him immediately after he moved in.

“The meter was actually stolen from the apartment there on the side of the building. And then after being in, when you put in work orders, they don’t come and fix things properly like they say that they are. I mean…they’ll say that they’re coming, you put in a work order, they don’t do it,” Orr said.

The complex has also had problems with flooding, garbage, and crime.

Orr said there’ve also been multiple shootings in the area. But the most recent problem is that the complex is not receiving gas. It’s still summer, so heating his apartment isn’t an issue right now.

But he hasn’t been able to cook on his stove top since July.

“The gas was shut off. It went off one day in the in the middle of the day. They sent out notes that week and was stating to the fact that there was a gas leak and that they was working effectively to fix the gas leak, but it’s never gotten fixed,” Orr explained.

The Solution? Management has issued hot plates to residents saying in statements they’re still working to fix the problem.

“And it’s just with the hot plates, it’s just hard to cook. You can’t bake anything, and the only thing you can do is cook on those two hot plates, and you got a whole stove in there that you can do nothing with. I had items that I could cook and bake, but I can’t do anything with it because I don’t have gas turned on in there,” Orr said.

We reached out to Monarch Ridge Apartments to find out what’s being the gas situation.

They took our name and number and said someone would get back to us, but so far, no one has responded to our request for comment.

I also reached out to the mayor’s office, and they said they’re looking into this issue.

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