CDC: You can get your flu shot and your COVID-19 vaccine at the same time

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 6:38 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - You can now get your flu shot and COVID-19 vaccination at the same time.

That’s according to new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC initially recommended that people get those shots separately, but now says it is okay to take them at the same time.

And that’s especially important now as flu season will be here soon.

Flu season is rapidly approaching but we’re still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

It could be especially concerning for hospitals, which is why doctors are recommending people get both vaccines now.

“The body is more than capable of handling a flu shot and a COVID-19 shot at the same time. We just want to make sure that we’re giving a good immune response to both things. We want you to be well protected flu and we want you to be well protected against COVID-19,” said Medical Director of Disease Control for the Jefferson County Department of Health, Dr. Wesley Willeford.

The CDC once advised people to take flu shots separate from COVID-19 vaccinations, but now said it’s safe to get them together.

“We were still trying to figure out exactly the performance of the COVID-19 vaccines and the real reasons for that was to make sure that you really got absolutely as much bang for your buck out of that vaccine as possible. And as we’ve worked with this vaccine more, we’ve seen that that is indeed the case,” Dr. Willeford explained.

Doctors said the 2020 flu season was one of the mildest they’ve ever seen.

That’s because we weren’t around each other as much and more people were masking up.

But doctors warn the flu could make a big comeback this year.

“I expect that we’re going to see more cases this year than we did last year. So, I think it’s really important that everyone get their flu vaccine this year, if you haven’t already done so, get your COVID-19 vaccine to make sure you’re as protected as you can possibly be as we go into the winter season,” Dr. Willeford said.

The flu vaccine is recommended for those 6 months and older.

Doctors said the flu vaccine works best if you get it before the end of October.

So, getting both vaccines now gives your body enough time to be ready to protect you from illness.

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