City of Moody to use Rescue Act funds for schools

Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 8:10 PM CDT
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MOODY, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Moody has approved a grant to use funds from the American Rescue Plan in schools to assist in their response to the pandemic. The elementary, middle and high school could receive up to $50,000. School officials said they plan to use the funds to purchase cleaning supplies and add new amenities.

The city’s attorney says it was an easy decision to authorize this money for the schools. He commended teachers and faculty as they continue to maneuver through the pandemic.

“Our administrators and our teachers in Moody and across the county. They do an outstanding job with educating our children,” says Attorney James Hill. “If we can help them keep those children in the classrooms. Maximize the health and safety of those kids while they’re in the classroom. That’s an outstanding use of funds.”

Moody High School Principal Chris Walters said there’s an immediate need for this grant in order to keep schools sanitized and students in the classroom.

“Because a lot of those funds last year for the school system, we’ve used all those funds,” said Walters. “Now we were using our general funds to buy things like Lysol wipes and Lysol spray. Things that are just keeping our classroom environments sanitary so that students are able to stay in.”

Principal Walters says they have plans to use a portion of those funds to bring new additions to the school.

“Our water fountains. A lot of places had to turn their water fountains off. We’re going to use these funds to install new water fountains with touchless water bottles. So that way students aren’t sharing. And limit that exposure. I think that’ll be critical in keeping our students in our schools.”

Moody will also use the money from the American Rescue Plan to provide premium pay for city employees and essential workers. Each employee could receive up to $2,000 in a one time payment.

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