Alabaster City Schools rolls out district-wide safety alert system

Alabaster City Schools allow athletic wear in dress code
Alabaster City Schools allow athletic wear in dress code
Published: Aug. 18, 2021 at 8:04 PM CDT
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ALABASTER, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabaster City Schools unveiled new technology designed to quickly alert school leaders and emergency responders of school threats.

Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers says it’s the first in the state to equip all school sites and staff with the CENTEGIX Crisis Alert technology.

“As we know and respond to COVID-19 every day as a health concern and safety concern,” said Dr. Vickers, “We also have to realize as a school system all the other threats that have been out there towards schools are still there.”

The technology connects teachers and administrators to first responders through the click of a button on a badge worn daily.

Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers held a demonstration of the system Wednesday. If a staff member clicks the button a few times, it alerts the system of an isolated incident in a specific classroom or area of the school. This could be used for a medical emergency or school fight. If a staff member continues to click their badge, the system alerts the entire campus of a serious threat and the need for teachers to lock down their classroom.

“It will automatically lock down the school and responders know exactly where to go and where that person is located,” said Barry Carroll, CENTEGIX.

The location of the alert is tracked so first responders have audio and visual and know exactly where to go.

Developers said the system was designed based on research of the deadly Parkland High School shooting in Florida and what measures could have been in place to alert the campus of the dangers more quickly.

The system can also be used for severe weather threats.

The company says the system costs about $8 per student annually.

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