12-year-old Shelby County girl feeling better after 10 months of long hauler COVID-19 symptoms

Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 11:04 PM CDT
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SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - After 10 months of battling long-haul COVID-19 symptoms, one Shelby county girl is finally starting to feel some relief.

“Leg paralysis, airway closures, leg pain, seizure activity, blackout spells, blind spots,” Addison’s mom Julie Thompson said. “She was not able to function at all.”

After 10 months of battling what doctors diagnosed as long symptoms from a typical COVID-19 infection, 12-year-old Addison Adams is finally starting to feel better.

“We still struggle with tip toe walking, headaches and generalized pains,” Thompson said. “But, it is definitely much better.”

Her road to recovery started on her summer trip out west where she and her family visited seven different states and national parks. It was a present from her 11th birthday that she was finally able to take.

“That was mainly her motivation to get better,” Thompson said.

“The day before the trip, I had paralysis and leg pain was extreme,” Adams said. “But, I was determined to be normal on this trip and be healthy and do what all my cousins were doing.”

Expecting to be limited because of her long hauler symptoms, Addison was shocked after her first day on vacation.

“She felt better on the first night,” Thompson said.

“The first night, I didn’t have paralysis, my voice did not give out, and my leg pain tremendously disappeared,” Adams said.

Adams’ long-haul symptoms continued to improve. She now feels well enough to go back to school full time after almost one year out.

“I was able to literally hike the Grand Canyon, I can handle school,” Adams said.

Thompson said her doctors don’t know why Addison’s symptoms have started to improve, but she believes it’s because of her determination, faith, and the power of prayer.

“She is so strong,” Thompson said. “Her drive is really truly what I think has gotten her this far in her healing process. We are very strong in our faith and we believe God is going to heal her and take care of her.”

Excited to feel like a normal kid again, Addison hopes other young people know that COVID can impact them too.

“I believe as well that kids as well should take this seriously,” Adams said. “Kids should know that things can happen to them as well.”

Thompson said it is unclear if Addison’s symptoms will start becoming more severe again or continue to get better, but they are hopeful things will continue to improve.

Adams is also a part of different medical studies to help doctors learn more about long haul symptoms in kids.

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