Concerned parents want Bibb Co BOE to reverse mask mandate decision

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 10:37 PM CDT
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CENTREVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) -A lot of concerned parents in Bibb County want the school board to reverse its decision to mandate face coverings in schools.

The school board meeting was packed with parents holding signs that read “Unmask our kids”. A number of them telling the board that it should be up to parents to decide if they want their children wearing face masks.

Some parents said face masks don’t work and actually do more harm to their child’s education than good.

“Let people and parents exercise their autonomy to make their own informed decisions and choose for themselves. If they choose not to wear a mask and get sick, that is a personal choice and the responsibility falls on that individual,” Katie Hubbard, an upset parent said’

“It is my duty as a parent to research and question everything for the sale of my children not to blindly trust. Doctors are not the authority. Teachers are not the authority. The government and the board of education is not the authority. I am,” Micah Dean, another concerned parent said.

Last week, a majority of the school board voted to mandate masks indoors for the first 9 weeks. Superintendent Duane McGee says they made that decision based on strong recommendations from local doctors and the state health department.

“People that most of you have entrusted to care for your own children are pleading that school systems throughout the state to institute a mask requirement. These are your pediatricians,” McGee told parents in the meeting.

Local doctors who have children in the school system also spoke at the meeting and said the Delta variant is running rampant through the community and having children mask up is the best way to cut down on transmission.

“All we’re asking is for y’all to consider all the information and to try and keep preventing the spread of this deadly variant. And yes, it’s more deadly than the flu. Its more deadly than pneumonia,” Dr. Connie Richardson, a doctor and parent said.

We’re told this mask mandate is in effect for the first 9 weeks. The board can change that.

Some parents said they are going to fill out some sort of medical exemption form that was being distributed at the meeting, so their kids won’t have to wear a mask.

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