Opposition to door to door vaccination campaigns

Set to expire next Wednesday, the moratorium will expire on July 31st.  The department said...
Set to expire next Wednesday, the moratorium will expire on July 31st. The department said this is anticipated to be the final extension given.(kold)
Published: Jul. 15, 2021 at 4:44 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Last week President Biden called for a door to door effort to educate people about COVID 19 vaccines; urging those who are unvaccinated to get shots. Still some across the nation and here in Alabama are asking for bans on the door to door campaigns.

Some in Congress and here in Alabama believe it’s an intrusion of privacy. In one AP report some falsely claimed it would lead to the government to go after guns. Not true. Defenders here in Alabama say it’s another way to get more people vaccinated and to protect them and their families. Earlier this year Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Tyson and others when to door to door leaving door handers urging people to get the COVID vaccine.

“When I go into a community its not that I’m trying to convince them to take the vaccine. I’m giving them the true facts and I’m giving them the opportunity to make a sound choice.” Tyson said.

Birmingham City Council President William Parker said he plans to be involved in future efforts to continue door to door campaigns.

“We have a lot more work to do. We are at the corner, we have not turned the corner. If we don’t do the things we were doing last year we could revert back to shelter in place,” Parker said.

A top UAB infectious disease doctor are UAB agreed. “If it takes going door to door if it takes 24 hour vaccination sites that is what we should be doing,” Dr. Michael Saag said.

Some in Alabama have asked for a ban on government door to door campaigns. Governor Kay Ivey’s spokeswoman in one report said there are no plans to ask government people to go door to door.

Tyson said this is not a political issue. “Why would you take that option from us of talking to citizens that stay in our district. It’s shameful,” Tyson said.

Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said he has not heard about the opposition to door to door campaigns until this week. He believes the opposition is coming from those who are just opposed to vaccines.

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