Hoover parents debate masking for next school year

It is planned to be optional.
Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 10:41 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Dozens of Hoover parents spoke to the school board at this evening’s meeting to take one of two sides on the same issue -- how the next school year will look in classrooms as the pandemic continues.

But the goal to compromise has ruffled feathers on both sides.

There is a group of parents who want children under 12 to wear masks because they can’t get vaccines yet, and another group who wants masks to go away entirely.

The current Hoover Schools reopening plan for the fall includes making masks optional, going back to eating meals in the cafeteria for all, no more spacing and limitations in classrooms and optional partitions between desks.

“We had a few quarantines and I don’t know of any one single child that got sick who was quarantined last year,” one parent opposed to masking said.

There will also be no contact tracing, a point of contention for those concerned that outbreaks could go unnoticed. Some speakers also told the board that since children are at less risk of fatal outcomes the school year should not ever include mandatory masking, even if cases rise.

”For those saying masks don’t work, bullet proof vests don’t stop bullets, but if I were walking down a place where I had a higher chance of bullets coming at me, I would want that vest on,” said another parent in favor of masking.

Several parents who work in the medical field also spoke to correct misinformation, such as reports to VAERS after vaccines, which are not confirmed by the CDC, and a claim that masking does not stop COVID, which they have been proven in multiple studies to do.

The superintendent told the crowd that the Hoover plan is quote, liquid, and it can change as different circumstances present themselves.

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