Surveillance videos of man peering into windows causing concern in Crestline Gardens

Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 11:07 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Neighbors are on edge in East Birmingham after multiple neighbors say they’ve caught a suspicious man on camera peeking into their windows in the middle of the night.

They say this has been happening over the last two weeks.

Multiple homeowners say they’re afraid things will only get worse if he’s not caught.

“It really, kind of, terrifies me,” said Lewis Raco who lives on Northumberland Road. “Everybody that I have spoken with is very on-edge.”

That’s because Raco said he’s not the only one in the Crestline Gardens area with surveillance footage of this man walking around homes and peeking into windows.

“He has been on Maryland Avenue quite a bit, which is about two streets down from us,” said one homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous. “He’s been on Bush Street, which is where he was sitting in front of the bedroom window.”

The anonymous homeowner said Raco’s surveillance video, which he posted on Nextdoor, was the first of many of this suspicious man.

“He came back up,” said Raco as he described what the video shows. “Went up on my porch, creeping around. And then stayed there in the window, looking at my wife, or I suppose he was watching my wife while she was watching TV. And then something startled him. He jumped off the front porch and took off running that way. And then came back, grabbed the garden hoe, knocked the camera off, and that was the last I saw of him.”

Raco said the man stole his camera, and Raco has since replaced it with another one.

Neighbors said they’re concerned this could escalate into other crimes and are now working together to keep an eye out.

“It’s definitely been a nice thing to be able to share the footage,” said the homeowner who asked not to be named. “Everybody knows what’s going on. And you keep a lookout for one another.”

Birmingham Police said they’re investigating and working to identify the man.

We blurred the man’s face in those videos because he is not charged with any crime.

Police encourage homeowners to share information to the Birmingham Police Department’s App, and file an actual report.

That allows a suspect’s photos and videos to be distributed to their officers in real time as the complaints come in.

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