Pfizer planning for a 3rd vaccine, FDA and CDC say not so fast

Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 7:22 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Pfizer said its vaccine’s immunity appears to be waning and they are calling for a third booster shot. But today the FDA and CDC said not so fast.

Pfizer is currently working on a third booster shot to be used against variant viruses and planned to apply to the FDA and CDC for emergency approval by August.

But in a joint statement released by both those agencies Friday, they said the vaccines currently in use are working and are effective against other variants, such as Delta. The FDA and CDC, which oversees all vaccines, says there is no need for a third shot just yet.

Pfizer points to studies in Israel where immunity has dipped for those vaccinated in January and February. Health leaders contend they have to see a lot more information, before calling on vaccinated people to get a third shot.

ADPH discussed the issue Thursday with health experts.

Dr. Landers doesn’t believe a third shot will hurt you, but information on its efficacy is limited.

“We do expect some information to come out involving boosters. I would not be surprised if we would not be doing boosters in the next several months,” Dr. Karen Landers said.

But neither our health agencies, nor the public seem to be there just yet.

Alabama is already struggling to get more people vaccinated, with only about 33% fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Landers said the disagreement between Pfizer and the regulatory vaccine agencies on timing, should not undermine credibility in the vaccines.

“It shows are having additional research into the subject. Continuing to monitor information on this subject and as information comes out we are providing it,” Landers said.

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