J&J vaccine patients may need MRNA booster

Too soon to know for sure.
Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 10:56 PM CDT
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(WBRC) - As the Delta variant spreads in the United States, some physicians are looking at international research suggesting some vaccinated patients should get a booster shot.

The question surrounds the Johnson and Johnson one-and-done vaccine, which has shown to be highly effective against COVID 19.

However, there are many unknowns about how the vaccine stacks up to the new Delta variant, leading some researchers to suggest taking just one MRNA shot to bolster immunity to COVID-19. In Canada, leading researcher Dr. Angela Rasmussen did it herself, advising others in areas with low vaccination rates to do the same. Alabama is one of the least vaccinated states in the country, and top health officials are keeping a close eye on this research to determine if that could become the advice for people who got J and J, but locally, it’s too soon to make that call.

“The question is that is it necessary to do that? And if it is, what’s the timing of it? I do think it’s too early for people who have gotten perhaps the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to say oh my goodness I have to pivot and shift to getting another one,” said Dr. David Hicks at Jefferson County Department of Health.

He says for the people who ask if other people are vaccinated why should I get vaccinated... he says it’s because without enough protection, the virus mutates and even vaccinated people then have more risk.

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