Dog Attack Update: Woman believes coyote attacked dog in Chelsea backyard

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 8:11 PM CDT
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CHELSEA, Ala. (WBRC) - A woman whose dog was attacked in her backyard in Chelsea now believes a coyote was responsible for the attack.

You may remember WBRC talking with Brenda Hancock in early June after her dog was attacked. Muffin had puncture wounds on both sides of her body and several fractured ribs, but at that time Hancock didn’t know what was responsible.

Hancock and her husband installed a surveillance camera in hopes of finding out. Their suspicions that a wild animal was responsible were quickly confirmed and made them even more concerned.

“Felt like this had to be what attacked Muffin. It was about a week later, around the same time and it was like it remembered I had a tasty meal here and came back. I was like, ‘Oh no!,” said Hancock.

WBRC sent the surveillance pictures to experts at Covenant Wildlife who say the animal is likely a coyote based on the body shape and ears.

The couple says their dog Muffin is recovering well, but say their next step is to alert the city because others in Chelsea say they’ve seen coyotes too.

“If you look at the Facebook page - there are reports from others,” said Hancock. “Maybe we aren’t getting the right people to know this is an issue and people need to be careful.”

WBRC spoke with Chelsea’s mayor about the incident and he asked community members to reach out to the city about coyote sightings so that the city can contact the county about animal control.

Wildlife experts suggest not leaving food out at night and brining small pets in as a safety precaution. Experts also remind people to stay vigilant because construction and development is driving wildlife out their normal habitat.

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