Daughter stays on phone with parents until Northport water rescue

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 1:14 PM CDT
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Northport, Ala. (WBRC) - About 20 people in Northport had to be rescued from rising water Saturday night, according to the Tuscaloosa County EMA. One woman shares how her parents were rescued, soon after she got off a call with them.

“Within 5 minutes the flood waters come in and start filling up the trailer,” said Addi Jones who’s describing the ordeal her parents went through, being trapped in their Willowbrook mobile home Saturday night while water rushed into their home.

“I was on the phone with them for an hour and 17 minutes encouraging them not to give up,” said Jones. That phone call is what got them through and soon help was on the way 2 hours later. ” The boats were actually above our parents and they had to pulled up out of the water inside the boats from inside the trailer. You know my mom and Dad Larry and Sally Higgins are their names it’s the grace of God they’re here,” said Jones. She’s glad rescue crews came when they did, and said it’s a miracle they made it out alive.

Neighbors up the road on Brookside Drive experienced their fair share of flooding too. “We were able to come around to the back it was literally running like rapid some of these houses had two feet of water in them,” said a neighbor.

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